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The best images of the most beautiful botanical varieties, all in one place

Our botanical image library is the place where the worlds of growers and resellers of botanical products come together. Before a new flower variety is ready for sale to the consumer, a grower has often invested many years in the development of these varieties. When the time comes to present a new cultivar to the world, he wants its unique properties to be displayed as beautifully as possible.
Here they find the ideal partner in F-Views.

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The photo studio behind this botanical image library is a small-scale family owned business. With a lot of  love and passion for everything that grows and blooms we have managed to build this collection of images. In the early days, our photos mainly found their way to producers of high-quality packaging materials and other printed media. But over the years has become the trusted choice of many growers, breeders, exporters, importers, mail order companies and a growing group of online businesses that want to fill their websites with the most beautiful pictures of the products they offer. Our studio photography and the techniques and equipment we use will guarantee an unprecedented high quality with which we distinguish ourselves.


Copyright is a complex matter, but in general, if you want to publish an image, you need permission from the owner of the copyright of that image. Our employees put heart and soul in their job and at f-views we consider each of the images taken as part of ourselves. Therefore, please check carefully whether you have purchased the correct license when publishing one of our images. The unlawful use of images can entail a lot of hassle and costs. Our works are protected by the Dutch Copyright laws. The website contains a lot of information about copyright in the Netherlands.

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